Crispy white meat

Submitted by Jessie on Sat, 12/01/2018 - 15:15
100 grams of white sugar, a little starch, a little flour, 500 ml of vegetable oil, a little cooked sesame
200 grams of pork (fertilizer), 200 grams of red dates


Jujube soaked to go nuclear, starch and water into a thin paste, red dates evenly paste, put into the oil pan to fry until the crispy, fried red dates to pick up


Cut the pork fat, sprinkle a little flour and hang the white meat evenly; add starch to the paste, add the batter to the fat, and hang the paste into the pan until the crispy


Pour the fried red dates and meat into the oil pan and re-fried, which will make the red dates and meat more crispy.


Stir-fry syrup: add another oil pan, pour all the white sugar into the pot, add a little vegetable oil (water can also), keep stirring until discoloration without particles


Pour the fried red dates and meat into the fried syrup, stir fry until the meat and red dates are evenly hanged on the syrup, sprinkle with a little cooked sesame and serve.


Convenient to eat small tricks: pour the pot directly into the white steel basin, use the chopsticks to separate the meat and red dates that are glued together, and then put the plate after cooling, so that it is convenient to eat ha ~ sugar is more uniform ~~

Crisp white meat finished picture